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The manufacturing industry in India has the potential to reach $1 trillion by 2020 and the Indian government is pushing to make this a reality. In the United States, the second largest manufacturer in the world, the industry contributed $2.7 trillion to the economy in 2015.

For manufacturers in both countries, technology is playing an important role in making processes, resources, and people more efficient and cost effective.

Sify has championed multiple digital trends in manufacturing. Our data centers, network solutions, and large and expert staff are available to you on your digital journey. 

From consulting projects to managed cloud services to application design.Sify offers a variety of solutions that can help make your organization more digital, including:

  • Transition to new platforms for business systems
  • Data-driven manufacturing solutions – from design to production
  • Infrastructure migration to cloud platforms
  • Machine learning-based production and quality control
  • Internet of Things solutions for smart manufacturing and connected factories
  • Automation and robotics solutions
  • Augmented reality solutions on the factory floor

Sify Offerings for Manufacturers

  • Data Center Transformation

    Choose public, private or hybrid cloud services to meet your company’s specific needs. Enjoy access to our state-of-the-art data centers in multiple locations and partner data centers throughout the world. Disaster recovery solutions help ensure data integrity and uptime.

  • Digitize Facilities

    Let us show you how to enhance productivity at factories and plants using digital technologies, including social media, mobile apps, cloud solutions, and analytics. Connect dispersed facilities with shared processes and systems. Add digital solutions at distribution points to enhance the customer experience. Provide real-time monitoring, information access and control to your operations. Use Big Data analytics to understand and capitalize on trends and opportunities.

  • Transform your Enterprise Business Systems

    Sify can help you transform your business services by integrating multiple platforms and systems. We can make your operations more efficient with ERP solutions delivered in the cloud for no capital expenditures and a dependable cost structure.

  • Sify iTest

    Sify iTest is an advanced digital registration and testing solution that can be used for computer-based testing, recruiting, and other services within educational institutions.

    Features include:

    Online application and registration management, Computer-based exam management, Multiple question support, Test scoring management, Security, Results management

Contact Sify today to find out more about our many diverse and innovative services for manufacturers. We’re multiple companies in one. Network operator. Cloud managed services provider. Consulting firm. App developer. And system integrator.

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