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Cognitive neuroscientific research studies have confirmed what trainers and coaches have known about peak human performance for decades. Immersive and experiential learning methodologies are key to accelerated skills and competency development. Not only that, since these methodologies are aimed at engaging a key brain region, the hippocampus – a region that is crucial to learning and memory development – they also ensure longevity of learned experiences. Hence, unlike a classroom lecture that is forgotten minutes after the bell rings, experiential learning is remembered and relived in imagination long after the first experience has ended.

One of the reasons why this happens is the number of neuronic connections that develop and strengthen when something is “experienced” versus rote learned. That is why gamers never tire of playing games, in fact, they consistently seek increasingly challenging games for the thrill of achievement and accomplishment. Contrast that with a student sitting passively in a class waiting for it to be over.

Whether one is learning in a class or enhancing skills at workplace, the mechanics of learning and engagement remain the same. What used to be a massive challenge in a traditional learning environment has now become an exciting frontier because of immersive and experiential technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) – all collectively grouped under an exotic-sounding modality called eXtensible reality (XR).

At Sify, our philosophy is to strip away the aura and mystery of frontier technologies and make them practical and usable is everyday life. We have helped customers in industry and education to engage with the new breed of learners (no matter what their age) to train and become productive at a pace never seen before.

Reach out today to our XR experts to explore the possibilities for your organization. They will also let you know if XR technologies are right for you or if there are other possibilities that you may not have considered.