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Few industries are undergoing the speed and quantum of change than healthcare and pharma. Among other factors, an aging population, changing consumer expectations, healthcare cost pressures, and digital transformation are impacting every facet of health services.

However, the one constant in all the changes facing healthcare, is reliance on the human element. Well trained health professionals who constantly exhibit a lifelong curiosity for learning and self-development are the backbone of the industry.

Sify’s learning and technology experts have helped some of the best known and demanding customers in healthcare and pharma to provide their employees and customers with learning content, training technologies, & modalities such as blended learning and XR technologies to fully engage with the latest advances in healthcare.

Reach out to a Sify learning solutions expert today and get insights into best practices with examples.

Value and evidence-based medicine will take center stage in the coming years - most providers struggle to define "value" and gather enough evidence that their treatments actually work as predicted. Training needs to focus more on problem-solving and customer engagement rather than on "pushing" products.

Blended learning solutions that emphasize building pre-class foundational knowledge so that problem-solving skills can be focused in classroom training. Also, use of 3D simulations, animations, VR to explain "difficult-to-understand" concepts to make learners confident and articulate. These "new-age" learning methodologies also help reduce the cost of training.

By using Blended Learning solutions. By using new-age learning modalities that emphasize clarity, comprehension, and reflection so that the conversations between the healthcare professionals and the doctors/providers can take place at a different level of engagement.

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