The “Road Trip” to successful IT projects

The “Road Trip” to successful IT projects relies on having all the resources in place. This means that the car, the map and directions are taken care of even before you set out on the road. This is the metaphor used by the article below, “More than half of IT projects still failing.” Here, the author demonstrates that even after so many years since studies such as the McKinsey-Oxford study, the number of IT project failures has increased. The article highlights that the problem isn’t a shortage of people needed or technology tools, but it is aligning those resources with business goals. “Fixing this requires a focus on prioritization internally” as everyone in the company needs to be aligned to the projects. Ultimately, the pitfalls for organizations unable to get their people ready properly, in time and on budget for IT projects are immense. Thus, organizations need to anticipate and prepare for possible issues before project roll-out.
More than half of IT projects still failing

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