Overlooking Partner Training Enablement capabilities & features

By Stephen Nunn (SumTotal), Indresh Chauhan (Sify), KC Rajkumar (Sify)

The success of more and more organizations is based on the collaborative partnerships with their extended partners such as distributors, resellers, franchisees, agents, and joint venture partners – and even the general public and government officials. How much should this question be factored into evaluating an LMS?

Extended enterprise is critical here. The LMS should provide learning capabilities for those outside of your internal employees – partners, distributors, customers, local government community members, hospital patients, etc.

Even if you have no current plans, the option should be readily available for a phased approach; for example, hospitals offering courses/learning assets with guidance to community members for free or at a minimal cost. This training can be offered to your extended enterprise members at no additional cost, or it could be a revenue generating solution. If costs are associated, you should be able to offer discount codes, automatic discounts based on their relationship with your organization (for example, partner versus customer; or even regular customer versus premium-tiered customers—think Amazon Prime members who automatically receive 2-day shipping for free).

In addition to giving eLearning partners training content, organizations also need to provide them with resources such as documentation, manuals, sales literature, etc.—the LMS can also be used for all such resources. The Partner LMS portal can be the “one-stop-shop” for resources and information in addition to training content.


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