Key Benefits of 3D Interactive Apps for Retail and Merchandising

We’ve touched on how the Manufacturing and Healthcare industries benefit from 3D Interactive Apps to build the right training for employees, and ultimately the right business value for companies. Many industries reap the benefits 3D offers from 3D Modeling, Content & Simulation, Social & Collaborative opportunities and Information Intelligence. Here we highlight key benefits for one more industry: Retail & Merchandising…

Key Benefits of 3D for Retail & Merchandising:

  • Transforms unique consumer experiences
  • 3D photo-realistic images showcase products and test floor plans, eliminating inventory burdens
  • Provides advanced rendering of materials and textures, and interactive illumination
  • Allows informed decisions to be made for efficient visual merchandising
  • Helps define sales-driven and intelligent use of space and floor planning
  • Captures 360° visibility of retail performance in real time

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    Dina El Kharouf
    Dina Elk, Marketer at Sify eLearning

    As a leader in education, customer service, and marketing in the e-learning and EduTech industries, she has a breadth of knowledge that covers e-learning, learning management systems, instructional design, curriculum, customer service, business development, marketing and staff development.

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    1. Hello Dina, just exploring the interactive 3D concept in retail industry.Are there any tools available or should be started from scratch. Any inputs on this will be highly appreciated.

      • Hi Anil, 3D solutions are easier and faster to create than you think especially if you have an established team behind you. Let us know if you need any help with your project!

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