Pushing the Boundaries of Technology’s Use in Manufacturing

The single largest expo related to manufacturing technology in North America just concluded – IMTS 2018 (International Manufacturing Technology Show) was a huge success by any standards. The 33rd edition of the show brought nearly 130,000 people together with over 2,500 exhibitors in the heart of the Windy City. And Sify Technologies was proud to be part of it all.

We’re here at #IMTS2018! Very excited to share our #VR and#AR learning experiences. Come check out training demos on a 7FA Turbine, and our award-winning Unconscious Bias training!

What Is IMTS?

The International Manufacturing Technology Show, or IMTS, was first established 33 years ago. It is one of the largest such expos in the entire world, and brings together people from the entire manufacturing industry, and 117 different nations under a single roof. The show takes place only on even-numbered years, and is held in Chicago.

To call the 2018 IMTS a success is putting things mildly. It actually broke multiple records. This year saw the highest number of exhibitors, with over 2,500 in attendance (including Sify Technologies). Nearly 130,000 individuals registered to attend the show, as well. Finally, McCormick Place was chosen for its sheer scale – almost 1.5 million square feet of space was converted into technology exhibits, booths, and the like.

Our Presence

At Sify Technologies, we believe in pushing the boundaries of technology in all forms, particularly in the world of business. As the largest network solutions provider in India, with headquarters in the US, we serve over 85,000 businesses worldwide, helping them achieve the connectivity, ease of use, security, and redundancy necessary in the modern world. We also focus on eLearning technology, which was the subject of our exhibit at this year’s IMTS.

Not entirely familiar with what Sify offers? Get the lowdown from our video recorded at this year’s IMTS!

Sachin is just one part of our illustrious crew who helped to make this year’s IMTS such a resounding success for Sify Technologies. Below, you’ll find a picture of our bold team who took the Sify message to the masses at this year’s show.

Above, from left to right, our team consists of Marybeth Burgess, Vijayanandraj VR, Ph.D., and Sachin Nandwani, the Sify Instructional Design Manager.

Above, you can see a couple of visitors at our booth experiencing VR training firsthand, but you also get a much better view of our banner and our message – Sify – Keeping You Ahead – Authentic Learning Customized to Experience, Designed to Elevate.

The focus of our exhibit this year was on the burgeoning world of virtual reality and augmented reality hardware and software. We brought demos of some of our most pertinent eLearning solutions for today’s businesses, and let our visitors get up close and personal with the future of business training, education, and even skills certification. It was an exciting experience!

During our time at IMTS 2018, we rubbed elbows with a wide range of people, from other exhibitors to company presidents, technology advisors, IT directors, marketing teams, and more. Everyone we met realized the implications of VR and AR eLearning for their organizations the instant they donned the headset.

The MS HoloLens wasn’t the only piece of VR/AR hardware we showed off, either.

Above, you’ll see Sachin Nandwani and Vijayanandraj V R, Ph.D trying out our demos on Vusix glasses.

What’s all the fuss about on our VR and AR glasses? Here’s a quick look at one of the most popular things we brought to this year’s show!

We were also able to impress quite a few folks and make some new friends during the process. Below, you’ll find an event attendee exploring the world of AR, while we’re all deep in conversation with other attendees behind her.

Here’s another example of just how well received Sify’s eLearning products were at this year’s expo. Here, you’ll find the team from Central Industrial Research & Service of Iowa State University really getting into our turbine demo.

Above, you can see our full exhibit space, including the final piece of eLearning technology – our laptop. eLearning does not necessarily have to mean VR or AR, although immersive environments do help ensure the best information retention, while simultaneously offering benefits that cannot be found through standard training formats, such as virtualized hands-on experience and incredible engagement. And, our eLearning products are light enough that you don’t need a full “gaming rig” to run them, which reduces the cost of entry for businesses.

Speaking of engagement, check out this video of just how VR can engage employees in training materials. We love the smile on his face!

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Here’s another one showing how users can interact with VR in the real world, while meeting learning and development needs and staying engaged.

Really, this technology is powerful enough to exceed the expectations and requirements of international businesses, but simple enough that kids can figure it out in no time!

Of course, we weren’t all business, all the time. That’s no fun! To spice things up, we held giveaways, like this one where you see Marybeth holding up free gift cards to Starbucks. And, really, who couldn’t use a little caffeine pick-me-up with 1.5 million square feet of space to traverse back and forth?

We also had several other giveaway items – who doesn’t love fidget spinners?

Of course, we made time to get out and visit some of the folks who attended the show with us. Who’s got a sweet tooth? Us! This delectable display is a must-have for our offices when the candy-bot goes to production! #Yum

And who wouldn’t love a Gollum-mimicking robot in their home or office? #NotUs! #YesWeAreGeeks #LoTR

Did you miss us at this year’s event? Well, plan to catch us again in 2020. It was such a great show, and we cannot wait to return.

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