Building a Better Workforce: How Energy Companies Can Succeed in a Changing World

Energy-sector businesses have a wide range of challenges with which they must contend. The demand for cleaner energy, the growth of renewables, OPEC cuts, increased US production, an increase in severe weather that threatens oil, gas, and electric infrastructures (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria are prime examples) … those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Couple these issues with the increasing challenges of hiring the right talent, and it becomes clear that energy-sector businesses have their work cut out for them. However, there is hope and help available. Building a better workforce can offset a range of challenges, and can even make dealing with non-employment related hurdles simpler. However, it does require the adoption of a strategic approach to onboarding, job role succession planning, and the institution of career development programs.

Why Onboarding Solutions Matter

Energy-sector companies need to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to the talent they hire. However, they must also make an investment in those soon-to-be employees in order to ensure a) they are able to hit the ground running in their new job roles, b) they are prepared for changes coming down the pike, and c) they are capable of growing with changes in the industry, alterations in job duties and responsibilities, and other alterations that will come in the future. The right onboarding process is the key to all of this.

Understanding Job Role Succession Planning

Today, energy-sector businesses must focus on maximizing their investment in individual employees. That means taking a vested approach to employee longevity. Job role succession planning allows energy-sector decision makers and HR managers to map out the future, plan successfully, identify existing talent with the skills and aptitudes necessary to move up, and then plan for changes as those individuals move from job role to job role.

Career Development Programs Are Essential

Continuing education is a vital consideration today, not just for those in skilled roles where certification and licensure are mandated by law, but by everyday employees who want to build a better future for themselves. However, too many employers remain tied to outmoded ideas that career development falls solely on the shoulders of the employee. Energy-sector businesses hoping to build a better workforce must understand that training and information dissemination is their responsibility, too.

Architecting the Solution

While accurate onboarding processes, in-depth job role succession planning, and robust career development programs have become essential for today’s organizations, designing solutions that achieve those goals can seem impossible. The good news is that there is help available through eLearning companies. For instance, a technology-oriented eLearning company could analyze your organization’s challenges, needs and goals, and then create a custom portfolio of learning programs to help achieve those. Such a portfolio could include:

The Challenge with Finding the Right eLearning Partner

In order to be a good fit with the onboarding and employee-retention needs of today’s energy companies, an eLearning provider must bring very specific tools to the table. Obviously, one of the most important is the company’s familiarity with and ability to harness technology and integration of advanced technology within eLearning programs.

Another important tool is the ability to accelerate learning. Today’s employees demand accelerated learning – learning at the speed of life, rather than at the speed of a conventional classroom. They expect to learn at their own pace, often in blended environments, or using digital tools connected to the cloud.

Of course, it is also important that the eLearning partner offers deep learning capabilities – some knowledge must be instilled deep into the employee’s psyche, while other elements do not require the same level of mental induction. Finally, it is essential that the learning provided to your employees is ultimately actionable – they must be able to take what they have learned and apply it to their job role and responsibilities to bolster company performance, profitability, customer retention and to achieve other key organizational goals.

At Sify, we take pride in helping our energy-sector clients develop the onboarding solutions, job role succession planning capabilities, and career development tools they require for success.

Choosing the Right eLearning Partner

Without the right eLearning partner, energy companies will find it impossible to implement the right learning tools, techniques and programs for onboarding, job role succession planning and creating career development programs. However, choosing the right eLearning company can be difficult, particularly for energy companies that have never explored eLearning options previously.

One of the hallmarks of a trustworthy, quality partner is the ability to develop eLearning tools, programs and solutions that fit not only your organization, but your employees’ individual learning styles and needs, as well as the skills gaps that exist within your workforce. The partner you choose should ultimately be willing to invest as much time as necessary to create a unique approach tailored to your organization based on key goals.

In addition to creating different approaches for different organizations within the energy sector, a trusted eLearning partner should offer outstanding customization tailored not just to the energy sector, but to each step in your employees’ path from new hire through their career with you.

Finally, the right partner will give unstintingly of their time. They will be committed to determining the ideal solution for your needs, and work with you until that solution is found. They will continue to provide their time, insight, advice and guidance well afterward, too. Ultimately, you deserve an eLearning partner that cares about your organization’s success, as well as the success of your employees.

The right eLearning partner can make an enormous difference in your business, and with the quality, retention and success of your employees.


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