5 Training Pains for Growing Companies and How to Solve Them with 3D Interactive Apps

Training managers, we feel your pain! Below we lay out 5 training pains for growing companies and how to solve them with 3D interactive apps:

  1. New Age, New Learners: 3D appeals to new-age learners. Courses and demos can integrate interactive videos, diagrams, infographics, and PDFs in 3D. Interaction with objects and surroundings can even be converted into games, making learning and demos more fun and engaging.
  2. A Global workforce means limited interaction:3D allows users to fully manipulate objects repeatedly in 3D space at any time and place.
  3. Lack of in-house expertise makes teaching detailed, technical and specific content challenging: 3D simulates form and function and can be made available for exploration and learning as users access the inner workings and operations of spaces and equipment.
  4. The Risks of training: 3D technology simulates the functionality of equipment and environments to enable learners to experience hands-on practice and acquire competency in a risk-free environments.
  5. Making learning digestible: Short courses can also be converted in to 3D applications to feature interactive content provided at specific points in the instructional program, or demos for learners along specific points of their learning journey.

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