Are Your Application End-Users not Prepared for Day 1? Here are the Risks…

So, with the upcoming application migration in mind, you decide to include the Organizational Change Management (OCM) process as part of the project implementation tasks. You realize that the OCM process will play a critical role, especially when it comes to communicating with stakeholders regarding the project scope and outcomes. But, have you thought of

Benefits of Organizational Change Management for Day-1 Readiness

In my earlier article, I spoke of setting up an Organizational Change Management (OCM) process as an essential part of application migration and implementation projects. OCM helps bring about smooth transitions and change in the work culture and environment. Its main goal, among others, is to reduce resistance to change and bring everyone involved on

Organizational Change Management during Project Implementation

Sometimes during a project implementation, various important aspects of the project may get overlooked or may not be given due attention. The application implementation team in an organization would work diligently to ensure that the Go-Live date is met, but they may miss out on some critical tasks that should be performed in parallel with

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Enterprise Technology Before the Go-Live Date

Imagine that in your organization, an application migration is underway and the Go-Live date is approaching. But there has been little-to-no formal communication with the end-users about this upcoming change! Your workforce is only learning through the grapevine about the new application environment. So naturally they’re confused about their role going forward. They’re not sure

Make it or Break It: 8 Questions to Determine if Your Team is Day 1 Ready for its New IT Project

Consider this scenario: Your organization is coping with great operational change. As part of a process-optimization drive, your entire organization is in overhaul and overdrive. It’s adopting new processes and workflows. It’s migrating to a new enterprise-wide application from multiple versions used previously, as part of day-to-day operations. The Go-Live date has been identified and

4 Dimensions to Avoid the ‘Black Swan’ of New IT Projects

50% of new and large IT implementations fail, massively blowing their budgets, according to a 2012 McKinsey-Oxford study. While large IT projects are becoming pivotal to the success of organizations, tech projects are not only getting larger, and touching virtually every part of the organization, but they’re also posing risks to the very existence of

Key Benefits of 3D Interactive Apps for Retail and Merchandising

We’ve touched on how the Manufacturing and Healthcare industries benefit from 3D Interactive Apps to build the right training for employees, and ultimately the right business value for companies. Many industries reap the benefits 3D offers from 3D Modeling, Content & Simulation, Social & Collaborative opportunities and Information Intelligence. Here we highlight key benefits for