Having Logistics and Infrastructure in Place Ensures a Smooth Transition to Day 1

Previously, I spoke about how supporting deliverables, such as organizational change management (OCM), training, and hands-on activities are pivotal for successful project implementation. I also touched on how if they aren’t delivered correctly in a timely manner, they hold little value for the intended audience. It’s like preparing a three-course meal for guests at home

What are the Benefits of Experiential Training for New Applications?

Earlier, I wrote about creating application-based real-life scenarios for hands-on practice for the end users as part of their training program. Let me list out some of the benefits that the end users and the organization are bound to realize due to these use cases or scenarios being available as part of the training. The

Practice Makes Perfect: Ensuring End-Users Master New Applications by Day 1

As your organization is migrating to a new application, you’ve planned to train your employees, the end-users, on using this application – no doubt a wise decision! Training undoubtedly educates users about the application’s interface, its different modules and uses, and the new workflows to be followed. Unfortunately, merely imparting information about the application as

The Symbiosis of Training Development and Organizational Change Management

Training development is symbiotic with OCM when analyzing the stakeholders, audience (end users) profile, and the existing processes and applications in the organization’s ecosystem that the current users work with. Once the Instructional Designers developing the training analyze and gather the requirements, they identify the terminal objectives and performance outcomes of the training. The Instructional

The “Road Trip” to successful IT projects

The “Road Trip” to successful IT projects relies on having all the resources in place. This means that the car, the map and directions are taken care of even before you set out on the road. This is the metaphor used by the article below, “More than half of IT projects still failing.” Here, the

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: A Visionary Blended Learning Platform to Reinforce Proactive Behaviors for A Global Media Giant.

Hybrid, mixed-mode courses combine the benefits of traditional classroom learning with integrated eLearning content. Its benefits include blending teaching methods that combine online digital media with traditional classroom methods, making the best use of the physical presence of both teacher and learner. Our implementation for a global media company has helped learners achieve a greater

The Cure to the Biggest Organizational Pain When Facing Change

OK, so at this point you must be wondering what the cure to the biggest pain is, which an organization faces when undergoing significant change. The pain that I’m talking about, is ‘making people day-1 ready‘; and the cure can be applied universally—not just for organizational change but for any people-related issues that occur in organizations—and