Learning to catch up in a world that won’t wait!

4 transformational trends are impacting the workforce like never before. The key to professional survival and growth for the workforce will depend on this one crucial skill. But first, a little about me. I have been lucky to be part of Sify (pronounced: /siː fiː/) – one of the earliest eLearning companies – anywhere. In

Replacement Planning to Deal with Disruption

With the current disruptive environment in which we find ourselves, companies have had to identify ways to support their teams by reacting and implementing solutions as quickly as possible. Now, the question is, what are companies doing to put fail-safes in place if future disruptions occur? Succession Planning vs. Replacement Planning It’s common for organizations

What’s Immersive, Engaging and has Tech All Over?

If you’ve clicked on the title, you’re clearly someone who is curious. Maybe you’re the pharma sales trainer tasked with being innovative, including finding new ways to transform boring things – like power point slides as part of your sales training – into interactive learning opportunities. Perhaps you’re trying to maximize ROI on your staff

Create Virtual Training for Any Field

You’d be surprised how many nuts and bolts are involved in creating online courses: web hosting, video and content creation, hosting, apps, quiz and survey tools, the list goes on. Online training providers take care of all these so you can focus on what matters: building an engaging training program for your learners. There are

Content Design and Development for Virtual Training

For content design and development services there is a range that includes the following: Technical Writing Invaluable to enhancing the content and usability of your learning projects, our technical writer’s design and develop comprehensive materials that go above and beyond traditional techniques and provide an attractive and multifunctional user-interface. Technical writers put together training materials,

Virtual Reality Technology Is Revolutionizing Oil and Gas Training

When many people hear the words “virtual reality (VR)” or “augmented reality (AR),” they think of video games and perhaps flight simulators. I will use VR to describe training with these technologies, although VR and AR are slightly different. In AR, virtual elements are superimposed on a real background, while in VR, a totally synthetic

The Future of Manufacturing: Innovative Approaches to Change Management

Change occurs in all industries. It might be swift, such as the reactions of many employers to the rollout of the ACA. It might be slow, such as the reaction of most industries to the advent of 3D printing. In all cases, though, change occurs and it demands recognition eventually. Failure to handle change appropriately