Virtual Reality Technology Is Revolutionizing Oil and Gas Training

When many people hear the words “virtual reality (VR)” or “augmented reality (AR),” they think of video games and perhaps flight simulators. I will use VR to describe training with these technologies, although VR and AR are slightly different. In AR, virtual elements are superimposed on a real background, while in VR, a totally synthetic

E-Learning Is Vital For Today’s Financial Professionals…Here’s Why

Perhaps more than any other industry in today’s economy, the financial services sector is becoming more and more complex.  And this trend shows no signs of slowing down…quite the contrary.  From algorithmic trading to the tangled (and growing) thicket of government regulations, financial services professionals have more to contend with today than at any point

Training Examples for Media Companies

The media and entertainment industry faces unique challenges today as consumer consumption habits and preferences shift. More and more, consumers are demanding a just-in-time consumption model, as opposed to the conventional broadcast model followed by media and entertainment companies in the past. Add to that the fact that consumers are no longer willing to pay

eLearning Solutions to Mitigate Unconscious Hiring Bias

The Hiring Bias In study after study, the hiring process has been proven biased and unfair, with sexism, racism, ageism, and other inherently extraneous factors playing a malevolent role. Instead of skills or experience-based recruiting, it is often the case that interviewees get the nod for reasons that have little to do with the attributes

Mitigate Crisis in Healthcare Staffing with Training and Advancement

The Squeeze Is On: Healthcare Staffing at Crisis Levels It’s not enough that medical centers are smarting from fewer privately insured patients, higher labor costs, and cuts in government spending, the ongoing epidemic in staff shortage is producing a choke hold, particularly on the larger hospitals. The nursing segment of the healthcare workforce for instance,

Epic Lessons Trainers Can Derive from The Force

Do or do not. There is no try: Like the Chinese book, The I Ching, that everyone simply had to read in the “free-thinking” era of the sixties and seventies, the lessons that can be drawn from Star Wars are astronomical in both number and importance. Not that the I Ching or Star Wars were