Effective Leadership Development Programs

Overview A variety of recent studies have shown that U.S. corporate executives have grave concerns about their companies’ ability to meet today’s leadership needs. After years of grappling with how to boost employee engagement and retention, improve management, and build a meaningful culture, they have come to the realization that leadership development programs are essential

The 5 HR Challenges Today’s Accounting Firms Must Overcome

Like all other companies, accounting firms face a wide range of challenges, particularly when it comes to the people that actually make up the business. Hiring, training, managing, and growing your in-house talent is a vital consideration, and it’s becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. Today, accounting firms face a wide range

Mitigate Crisis in Healthcare Staffing with Training and Advancement

The Squeeze Is On: Healthcare Staffing at Crisis Levels It’s not enough that medical centers are smarting from fewer privately insured patients, higher labor costs, and cuts in government spending, the ongoing epidemic in staff shortage is producing a choke hold, particularly on the larger hospitals. The nursing segment of the healthcare workforce for instance,

How Socially Responsible Companies Are Wooing Millennials

Who would have imagined, only a decade or two ago, that our workplace would turn into such a mammoth multi-cultural and multi-generational environment? And who would have thought, upon seeing that storm rushing at us from the distance, that Millennials would by 2020 evolve into half of all employees worldwide? It’s all true: The Pew

Epic Lessons Trainers Can Derive from The Force

Do or do not. There is no try: Like the Chinese book, The I Ching, that everyone simply had to read in the “free-thinking” era of the sixties and seventies, the lessons that can be drawn from Star Wars are astronomical in both number and importance. Not that the I Ching or Star Wars were