Learning to catch up in a world that won’t wait!

4 transformational trends are impacting the workforce like never before. The key to professional survival and growth for the workforce will depend on this one crucial skill. But first, a little about me. I have been lucky to be part of Sify (pronounced: /siː fiː/) – one of the earliest eLearning companies – anywhere. In

Overlooking Partner Training Enablement capabilities & features

By Stephen Nunn (SumTotal), Indresh Chauhan (Sify), KC Rajkumar (Sify) The success of more and more organizations is based on the collaborative partnerships with their extended partners such as distributors, resellers, franchisees, agents, and joint venture partners – and even the general public and government officials. How much should this question be factored into evaluating

Making learning serious – often, too serious!

By Stephen Nunn (SumTotal), Indresh Chauhan (Sify), KC Rajkumar (Sify) Another largely overlooked, but important consideration, is not evaluating for “fun” features like gamification, leaderboards, badges, social communities, etc. You need to move away from focusing on the LMS simply being a compliance tracking tool. Gamification and social communities, for example, can go a long

Not asking questions about various internal use cases

By Stephen Nunn (SumTotal), Indresh Chauhan (Sify), KC Rajkumar (Sify) No matter what the size of your organization, in all likelihood, it is made up of various departments and divisions – each may have various use cases to consider with respect to onboarding and training. Why is it important to consider internal use cases? And

Leaving the evaluation solely to either the IT or Business teams

By Stephen Nunn (SumTotal), Indresh Chauhan (Sify), KC Rajkumar (Sify) Evaluating and selecting a learning platform or learning management system (LMS) can be challenging, especially if it is something new to you. Even when you want to update or replace an existing system, your perspectives and expectations may be prejudiced by your prior experiences. For

Replacement Planning to Deal with Disruption

With the current disruptive environment in which we find ourselves, companies have had to identify ways to support their teams by reacting and implementing solutions as quickly as possible. Now, the question is, what are companies doing to put fail-safes in place if future disruptions occur? Succession Planning vs. Replacement Planning It’s common for organizations

What’s Immersive, Engaging and has Tech All Over?

If you’ve clicked on the title, you’re clearly someone who is curious. Maybe you’re the pharma sales trainer tasked with being innovative, including finding new ways to transform boring things – like power point slides as part of your sales training – into interactive learning opportunities. Perhaps you’re trying to maximize ROI on your staff

Create Virtual Training for Any Field

You’d be surprised how many nuts and bolts are involved in creating online courses: web hosting, video and content creation, hosting, apps, quiz and survey tools, the list goes on. Online training providers take care of all these so you can focus on what matters: building an engaging training program for your learners. There are