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A network custom-built for the cloud-first strategy

As organizations embrace a cloud-first strategy, increasingly, the applications and data are spread across data centers, clouds, and edge environments. To meet the requirements of this diverse and hybrid ICT landscape, organizations need a new networking architecture that is cloud-ready, meets application connectivity demands, and ensures technology and operational consistency across locations.

Sify’s new-age cloud-ready networks come with data center interconnects, hyperscale cloud connects, and internet exchanges for carrier neutrality. It provides secure connectivity to move applications, middleware, and database workloads between private infrastructure and cloud for improved application performance.

Sify’s cloud interconnect solutions connect AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle & Google public clouds and provide multi-layer, integrated IP and optical capabilities with high performance, reliability, and quality of service, as well as multiple client interfaces to accommodate legacy and future requirements.

Key Services

Global Cloud Connect Services

Connect your on-premises data centers with cloud workloads over a secure and deterministic network offering enterprise-grade performance



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