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Life at Sify

Sify Technologies is a company built with passion for excellence, and we encourage and support our associates to adopt the high standards for professional and personal development.


What Sifyites say

Sify Technologies is not a destination. It’s an evolving journey where each associate is a willing participant and contributor to the larger picture in making Sify an ICT major.

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Learning & Development

Sify Technologies is focused on skill development of all Sifyites.
Sify’s MyAcademy specializes in identifying the enablement needs of Sifyites, to offer specialized learning and development.

Skill up for a better future and to discover a new improved you.

MyAcademy is built on a learning architecture that is weaved around three core principles.

The ability to learn and translate it into action is true growth.

The key to job satisfaction and enhanced productivity is stimulating and pro-learning atmosphere.

When associates feel valued, customers will feel the same way.

Sify regularly appreciates and recognizes enduring commitment and service of associates.

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About Sify Technologies

Sify is one of the largest integrated ICT Solutions and Services companies in India, offering end-to-end solutions with a comprehensive range of products.

Sify has a unified licence to operate NLD (National Long Distance), ILD (International Long Distance) services and ISP services and offers VoIP backhaul for international carriers.

Sify is India’s first enterprise managed services provider to launch a Security Operations Center (SOC) to deliver managed security services.

A significant part of the company’s revenue is derived from Enterprise Services for Telcom, Data Center, Cloud Management, Applications Integration and Technology Integration.

With the Sify Cable landing station and partnerships with submarine cable companies globally, Sify is present in almost all the spheres of the ICT eco system.

Our software team develops applications to improve business efficiencies of clients. Sify also offers services in the specialized domains of eLearning.