India needs to adopt digital transformation to re-imagineer itself as a country. To make itself ready for 2020, the country needs to provide ubiquitous access to basic services. It needs integration of digital technology into all areas of an individual’s lifestyle starting from the basic needs of Health, Food & Nutrition, Education and Wealth. We need to fundamentally change the way the governments, public sector agencies and private organizations deliver these services.

Businesses today are focusing on urban India for growth, however they fail to see the huge potential that lies in rural India. A major share of the rural population does not have access to basic education and health. This gap offers a huge opportunity for the business community to tap into this space.

By adopting cloud technology, organizations can build connectivity, provide access to technology and overcome the barrier of geography.

At Sify, we support organizations to adopt new technologies, go beyond the traditional markets and leverage cloud services to achieve exponential growth. Watch the video to see how Sify supported Indian Department of Posts, one of the oldest government organizations go through a complete digital transformation and stay relevant in the digital age.

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