Private Cloud

GoInfinit Private

A dedicated private cloud infrastructure service for your mission-critical workloads

GoInfinit Private is an enterprise-grade, fully integrated private cloud IT platform with specific controls, compliance or IT architecture available in a flexible consumption model.  You get security, control, 24×7 monitoring, management and a next-generation infrastructure that is highly agile and scalable.  Containers and rack space are fully cloud-enabled, built to meet your needs today and tomorrow. 

This private cloud service is ready for application deployment in as little as 10 weeks. It improves your IT agility with rapid deployment. Choose from the Start-Up IT plan with as little as 4 nodes and the ability to scale as your business grows or the Scale-Up IT plan suited for larger organizations that starts with 8 nodes with significant scalability available.


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Sify GoInfinit Private Features

  • Flexible Consumption Model

    Efficiently manage business spikes with pay-for-what-you-use flexibility. Pay for 70% of your dedicated infrastructure and the remaining 30% is changed based on your usage.

  • Next-generation Infrastructure and Cloud Optimization

    Our software-defined Data Centers provide greater automation and intelligent workload management to increase operational efficiency. We offer continual optimization of cloud systems based on your usage pattern and other characteristics.

  • Unified Reporting and IT Analytics

    We provide a unified dashboard for better control and visibility with in-depth analytics for all infrastructure components.

  • Private Cloud

    GoInfinit Private combines the privacy, security and control of a private cloud with the elasticity and convenience of a public cloud. It’s an ideal solution when security and compliance concerns in the past have prevented your business for allowing workloads to leave the Data Center.

  • Security and Compliance

    Our security framework includes physical security layers (dedicated physical/virtual UTM/IPS) plus logical security, access control and data integrity. We create a compliance-ready environment that adheres to your governance and compliance policy requirements. Our security services are backed by SLAs of 99.95% to 99.99%.

Sify provides a wide range of other cloud services as well. These include Infinit Backup, Infinit Disaster Recovery and on-demand integration with public cloud providers like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure or Sify’s CloudInfinit. Contact Sify today to find out more.

Get dedicated private cloud infra service for your mission-critical workloads


Get high degree of physically segregated compute resources, compliance and security


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