Cloud@Core 2020 Campaign

The Best Time to do a Cloud Strategy was 5 years ago.
The Next Best Time is Now.

Living in a Digital-first-economy, Enterprises are realising the need for a Cloud-first strategy. It surely does not equate to moving everything to the Cloud, but What, When and How is a good question to ask. With Sify’s extensive portfolio of Cloud solutions, we are empowering organizations to drive measurable business success. Cloud – Architecture – Assessment – Migration – Operations along with Network, Software, Security and Data Centers all need to mesh in a larger strategy.

CEO’s Message

“The current scenario under lockdown has created challenges in the short term and opportunities in the mid to long term, for us. As a Service Provider, we are currently addressing the upgrade and downgrade requirements of customers, based on demand.

We are remotely managing the mission critical infrastructure of customers who are serving the core industries and consumers. The current situation has also stimulated conversations with customers on the need for scalable, flexible IT infrastructures, which can be consumed on demand.”

“We are seeing the Cloud-sceptical customers showing enthusiasm on Cloud adoption, to ease their capex cost and cash flow. Organizations are reviewing how to provide secured and productive “work from home” deployment. As a Digital ICT Service Provider, we see this as an opportunity to further boost utilization of our investments and enhancement of our services revenue”.

Gartner Insights

According to Gartner, End-user spending on public cloud services in India is forecast to total $3.4 billion in 2020, a 25% increase from 2019.

“Moving to the cloud and investing in public cloud services have become imperative to the success of digital business initiatives. It’s no longer a question of ‘why’, but a matter of ‘when’ organizations can shift to the cloud.” said Sid Nag, Vice President – Research at Gartner. “We have entered the cloud 2.0 era, where organizations are adopting a cloud-first or a cloud-only strategy.”

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