End-to-end encryption and other ways to secure transmission over open networks

Cyber breaches are threatening organizations than ever before. In 2019 alone, there were about 4.1 billion data breaches, which marks an increase of 54% over the previous year. Security breaches like denial of service attack, identity theft, spoofing, and malware attacks are few of the attacks that open networks are faced with. Daily, millions of

Network Infrastructure

Is your network infrastructure built for the future? Check today!

Any network infrastructure forms a section of a much larger IT infrastructure of any organization. Typically, a network infrastructure is likely to contain the following: Networking devices: such as LAN Cards, modems, cables, and routers Networking software: such as firewalls, device drivers, and security applications Networking services: such as DSL, satellite, and wireless services. The


Comparing internet lease lines and broadband services

The internet can be accessed in many ways, as evidence in the form of the evolution of the internet connections over the last few years. Today, the broadband is usually considered as the most popular medium for accessing the internet, especially in homes. However, when it comes to larger establishments and commercial spaces such as

Network Security VOIP Adoption

Network Security, the key to VoIP adoption

With growing Internet infrastructure and new technologies, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has gained tremendous popularity among businesses. Regardless of size and industry, organizations are migrating their communication network from traditional PSTNs to VoIP. The wide-ranging benefits of the system are bound to attract businesses from across the board – reliability combined with steep cost

Void Services

VoIP services – How does it work?

The world over, communication – reliable and secure – is taking on a more critical role in the functioning of organizations and businesses. The more geographically spread your organization is, the more important it becomes to keep communication networks up and running. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained tremendous traction over the last decade

VOIP Features

5 Key VoIP features that Empower Businesses

During the early days of the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, it was surrounded by skepticism over its long-term viability and its suitability across industries. However, the past decade has seen VoIP being firmly recognized and implemented across businesses of every size and industries of every nature. VoIP in its current evolved form offers many

Traditional vs VOIP

Traditional vs VoIP- What’s best for your business?

As more and more businesses, both big and small, are jumping on the VoIP (Voice over IP) bandwagon, it is interesting to examine what is causing this exodus from the traditional alternative of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) including Mobiles and Landlines. In order to understand the reasons for the switch, it is important to

Transform Corporate Workplace Managed WLAN

Transform the corporate workplace with Managed WLAN

When it comes to Internet connectivity in an organization, user expectations are sky high! Employees and guests, alike, expect fast, secure and highly available WLAN services the moment they step into office premises. To match this growing demand, several organizations have opted for subscription based Managed WLAN services. Apart from easing business operations and enriching

5 Key Benefits of a Fully Managed Wi-Fi Solution

The rapid rise of new disruptive technology trends – cloud, social media and mobility –has added a new dimension to business operations. Connectivity is now the most critical factor for running a competitive business. To get an enterprise-grade WLAN service for 100% secure and seamless connectivity, businesses need to outsource their WLAN design, installation and

Managed Wifi

What is Managed Wi-Fi and why do you need it?

The days of spotty connectivity and Internet cables are far behind us; these days’ people expect instant connectivity – everywhere and all the time. And when it comes to a business setting, quick and easily accessible Wi-Fi connectivity is not just about ease of business, it has tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity, efficiency and

WAN Transformation

Key components of WAN Transformation

To stay ahead in the current hyper competitive business world, enterprises are under immense pressure to reach a new level of operational efficiency while being cost effective AND at the same time adopt and internalize a new customer centric business model. To adapt to this rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are embracing digital transformation solutions.

WAN Transformation

What is driving businesses to consider WAN Transformation?

Today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive marketplace needs enterprises that can react quickly and efficiently to the changing market scenarios.  To respond with speed to these new market expectations, businesses need 24×7 access to reliable and high-performance connectivity. From connecting employees spread across geographies to responding and engaging with customers –a high performance and secure Enterprise WAN

WAN Transformation

WAN Transformation – The mandate for the future ready enterprise network

Cloud technology has completely shaken and redesigned the IT world and forever changed the way businesses are run. It’s no wonder then, that increasing cloud adoption is impacting Wide Area Networks as well. Since the introduction of WAN, constant research has been carried out to find ways to improve it. Over the last decade, Internet

NAAS Service

Network as a Service (NaaS) explained

Running a business demands fast and reliable connectivity and this typically takes the form of investing in network hardware and staff for round-the-clock network management. With NaaS (Network as a Service) this is all in the past. All you require now is a computer and an Internet connection to connect to your service provider network


What is SD-WAN and why do you need it?

To understand the importance of connectivity, let us imagine a day without it. Internet and phone lines are down. Your employees cannot access their mail; your offices cannot make or receive any calls; everyone from the CEO to the middle manager is left twiddling their thumbs as all their cloud hosted data and files are

5 Factors MPLS Service

5 factors to consider before picking an MPLS Service provider

In today’s hyper-connected and fast-paced global marketplace, connectivity is the lifeblood needed to keep businesses running smoothly. Enterprise, small or large, need reliable and fast communication networks to work and grow. MPLS with its ‘labeling protocol’ provides organizations with a communication network that is completely dependable, fast, flexible and cost effective. The obvious and many

WAN Enterprise

Enterprise WAN: The past and the future

WAN – Wide Area Network, the three magic words that connect our world. Simply put, WAN is the network that connects local areas spread across the world. The word network might conjure visions of tangled cables and blinking routers, but we have come a long way from the days when a 9.6 Kbps line was

TIS Virtue

Transformation Integration Services – The Virtue of Single Platform Operations

An increasingly connected world needs a smarter, faster and much more agile technology driver. And this new business paradigm demands much more secure networks and storage, more efficient and completely clear communication and collaboration. Anything less than perfect will instantly become an Achilles heel of any enterprise, jeopardising their market status, reputation and in some

3 Shart Reasons Collaborative Communication

3 Sharp Reasons Why Collaborative Communication Adds To Your Bottomline

The reach of every human and business is fast expanding with almost the same speed as which the globe is shrinking. Businesses that are able to stay in constant touch- by various innovative and fast developing communication technologies, will have a definitive edge over competition – they will be available, connected to the market real

3 Ways Save Cost on Networking Decisions

3 Ways You Can Save Costs on Networking Decisions!

The efficiency of your organization today depends on the ability to allow employees to access information anywhere, anytime and from any device in real time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a stable, robust and agile network infrastructure base is the strongest foundation to achieve scale for enterprise with strong business model. Today, information

Evolving Tech Modern Consumer

Evolving Technologies and the Modern Consumer

Technology has shaped the way we interact, consume, create, learn and communicate. In short, modern day technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives in a way that one tends to think how did the people manage without it? Today, people can have face time with a client while preparing a presentation and pay

5 Things Telecom Provider

5 Things to consider when choosing a Telecom Provider

Telecom is the backbone of current IT industry. Currently there are so many companies offering telecommunication services. It is very difficult to conclude on a service provider when going for a telecommunication services as there are several companies offering several different options and everybody trying all their marketing techniques to catch hold of you. No

5 Things Telecom Technology

5 Things Every IT Team Needs to Know About Telecom Technology

With evolving technologies and the advent of advanced applications, telecommunications has triggered a growth in various business sectors. Technological advancement in telecommunications has helped businesses in not just increasing efficiency and productivity, but also reducing expenses. Here are five things that IT team of every business should know about the telecom technology to acquire cost-effective