Success Stories

SECURED a superior online user experience for all transactions on a leading Indian electronic payment and e-commerce website

Sify helped this leading e-payment and e-commerce web site ensure a secure, intuitive user-friendly experience

The Company

As India's largest mobile payments and commerce platform, the company started as an online mobile recharge and bill payment vendor. Today ithas over 180 million registered users and is now the consumer brand of India's leading mobile internet company

The Challenge

  • Reduce the risk of downtime, data theft and security breaches with a Web application firewall that can scale to protect against the largest denial of service (DoS) and distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks
  • Defend against new and emerging threats
  • Minimize the costs of cloud security
  • Scale capacity on demand
  • Deliver Secure Sockets Layer (SSl)-protected content to mitigate Internet security risks
  • Gain insight and enable strategic business decisions through site and visitor intelligence reports
  • Find an integrated solution for both performance and security while managing the cost

Sify Solution

  • Dedicated single point of contact from Sify for all Akamai-related transactions with the company to ensure that all services are up-to date and any enhancements and issues are resolved quickly
  • Monthly reporting to the company on performance and security, to review their usage patterns of their customers, IT infrastructure load, and threat attack summary
  • Quick, responsive technical support to handle any customer queries and escalations, ensuring 100% availability of site and content
  • Akamai’s Kona WAF was implemented to identify and mitigate suspicious traffic without affecting performance or availability of the origin server
  • Security rules for Kona WAF are continuously refined by Akamai's Threat Intelligence Team to protect against known attacks and respond to emerging threats
  • Kona WAF speeds and secures highly-interactive web sites and provides visibility and online activity data
  • Kona WAF helps customers scale immediately and easily to meet sudden requirements like high-volume holiday shopping or flash sales

Business Benefits

  • Sify ensured an unparalleled user experience, security and front end optimization while managing IT infrastructure costs to lower TCO.
  • Sify ensured a superior experience for the company's e-commerse web site users in over 120 countries and more than 1500 networks around the world

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