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Automated Scheme and Claim Management Provide Accurate Inventory and Enhanced Planning for Multinational Company

A forum solution interfaced with Tally ERP software, providing an accounting data feed and enabling implementation and management of automated schemes

The Company

An Indian multinational non-alcoholic beverage company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, with a total revenue in 2013-14 of $2.27 billion.

Business Challenge

  • Manual process for scheme and claim management was inefficient and slow
  • Significant time was required to communicate changes like product rollouts and new schemes to the market
  • Lack of inventory level transparency in the forward supply chain
  • Demand versus supply planning through manual data collation and analysis was slow and error-prone

Sify Solution

  • Implemented forum solution at 240 distributor sites across India
  • Integrated with SAP for master data management
  • Interfaced with Tally ERP solution for accounting data feed
  • Enabled implementation and management of automated schemes

Business Benefits

  • Sales and inventory information now delivered in real-time
  • Better control of distributor inventory
  • Increased sales through effective implementation of segment-wise schemes
  • Brand-specific performance analysis was possible for decision-making
  • Enabled more accurate measurement of retailer productivity

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