Supply Chain Management

SmartFieldForce™ NXT

Manage your large mobile workforce and reduce your costs with automation

Sify’s SmartFieldForce™ NXT connects your mobile and remote workforce with your central accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. This cloud-based solution provides efficient workforce management, helps reduce operational costs, and improves service delivery to end customers.

With SmartFieldForce NXT, your employees can connect and upload, synchronize and track data on the go. The solution automates various activities that are common to mobile workforces like those supporting manufacturers, distributors, carrying and forwarding agents, and sales organizations.

SmartFieldForce™ NXT Features From Sify

  • Security

    Features Single Sign-On (SSO); identity management (idM); mobile identification; authentication, authorization and accountability (AAA), and integrity and confidentiality features.

  • Broadcast

    Your central team can send real-time broadcasts to employees in the field (e.g., price changes, inventory issues)

  • Operation Modes

    Works online or offline.

  • Remote Upgrades

    Upgrade the mobile client software remotely, as required.

  • Alerts

    Your mobile workforce can send and receive alerts to the central server.

  • Synchronization

    Synchronize data on mobile devices with the central server using cradle or wireless synchronization.

  • Remote Activate/Deactivate

    Remotely active or deactivate the mobile software.

  • Enable SMS

    Enable SMS data exchange as a contingency measure.

Plan production and manage all inventory-related issues with more up-to-date information. Quickly communicate changes in schemes and pricing to the sales force. Manage sales and purchase orders, stocking and distribution issues, and use the GPS tracker to keep an eye on consignments.

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Manage large mobile workforce and reduce costs with automation


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