Saba Learning Management System

The Saba LMS is a total training and learning management environment based in the Saba Cloud, managed by Sify to help your people succeed and grow

The Saba Cloud platform is used by over 31 million users in 195 countries, and now Sify has partnered with Saba to bring you their premium cloud-based training and learning management system features.

The Saba LMS is versatile, convenient, and effective. This platform can be employed to create and deliver learning modules for compliance, onboarding, individual coaching, sales training, and continuing education courses.

  • Instruction and certifications are accessible wherever your employees are.
  • Test results and further statistics are automatically archived.
  • Reporting, analytics, management capabilities, and embedded Web and video collaboration features are built-in.

Sify Saba Learning Management System Services

  • Installation

    We implement the Saba Learning Management System (versions 5.2, 5.4, and 5.5) for businesses of all sizes.

  • Upgrades and Customization

    We customize Saba to meet your specific training goals and needs.

    Training housed on an older version of the Saba Learning Management System can be upgraded to the most recent version, while insuring upgrades are compliant with back-end reporting software such as Crystal Reports.

  • Data Migration

    Through the use of custom scripts and built-in migration tools, we provide seamless data migration from one database to another.

  • Web Services Integration

    Sify eLearning provides complete integration and customization of Web services components of the Saba Learning Management.

  • Learning Portal

    You can get much more out of your learning portal by extending Saba Learning Management functionality through our custom, built-in scripts.

    We also offer a 12-week training program on Saba for all new hires.

  • Support

    Based on your business needs and resources, we offer different technical support options for the Saba LMS.

Benefits of the Saba LMS in the Cloud managed by Sify

  • The cloud-based Saba Learning Management System is a powerful and complex which requires ongoing maintenance and support. Sify supports you in managing this solution to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Sify has a team of development and support staff who are expert in the Saba product line. We help you optimize your Saba infrastructure to get the best performance and optimal use of its many features.
  • As your training needs develop and change, we customize your training and reporting solutions, and assist you in maximizing the benefits of the Saba LMS to enhance the skills of your employees and the overall efficiency of your business.
  • Sify offers competitive pricing models based on your company size, resources and needs.

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