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India MPLS Site Connect

Connect your geographically dispersed branches across India with the leading MPLS VPN provider

No matter how remote your offices are in India, Sify can connect you to reliable, secure, robust network services. More than 24,000 Indian post offices and thousands of businesses across the country rely on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private network (VPN) site-to-site connectivity from Sify. The broad reach of our MPLS WAN has attracted the attention of local telcos. They’ve become customers too, purchasing local access services to support their customers.

Whether you want to connect existing branch offices or are establishing new ones, Sify India MPLS Site Connect should be part of your operational plans. Flexible service models are available that can scale as required. Connectivity is dedicated and highly secure and backed by stringent service level agreements (SLAs). Of course our excellent around-the-clock technical support is included.

Sify India MPLS Site Connect Features

  • Service Options

    End-to-end private VPN services to enterprises across India focusing on regular and mission-critical traffic. The routing domain is virtualized for individual customers so you can continue using your own IP addressing scheme. The highly cost-effective converged network supports data, voice, and video traffic.

    India MPLS Site Connect options include:

    • Classes of service (3)
    • IP
    • MPLS Point-to-Point on Layer 2
    • MPLS Point-to-Multipoint on Layer 3
    • TDM to IP
    • Ethernet over MPLS
  • Network Presence

    • 2100 base stations
    • Off-net and on-net connectivity
    • 2400 points of presence (PoPs)
    • 6 international PoPs
    • Key network-to-network interface (NNI) partnerships
  • Security

    We provide enhanced security with restricted access to employees. Each Sify business customer is provided with a separate virtual routing domain to isolate the company’s data and communications.

  • Service Level Agreement

    Our world-class SLA ensures smooth and timely activation and parameters that cover availability, delay, packet loss, jitter and mean-time-to-restoration, helpdesk support, real-time performance reporting and proactive monitoring.

Sify specializes in connecting large numbers of branch offices across India. But we can accommodate smaller businesses as well. Contact us today to find out more about India MPLS Site Connect.

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