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GoInfinit Recover

Ensure business continuity with Sify’s disaster recovery center as a service

A disaster recovery center strategy is essential for the continued protection and continuity of your critical IT systems. Sify GoInfinit Recover provides a unified data protection solution. It includes backup, snapshot, disaster/ raid recovery, Dev/Test and analytics all through a single gold copy. This SLA-backed disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering enables fast recovery with complete protection of business systems and data. It’s a complete data recovery services platform that lets you address your disaster recovery management requirements easily through scalable, secure and automated services.

Subscribe to GoInfinit Recover – disaster recovery center with no change to your IT setup. It’s backed by stringent SLAs to guarantee fast data recovery service on private and public cloud platforms. Your IT staff can proactively monitor and manage all of the parameters of your disaster/raid recovery and backup solutions from a unified online portal.

Sify GoInfinit Recover Features

  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery

    You get unified data protection for backup and disaster recovery with one management and reporting portal.

  • One gold copy for multiple use cases

    A single data copy is used for backup, disaster recovery, compliance, Dev/Test, DevOps and analytics.

  • Single-click recovery for VMware environment

    GoInfinit Recover provides fast and predictable recovery with minimal manual intervention.

  • Protection for heterogeneous source IT over heterogeneous destination platforms (public or private cloud)

    Single solution for protecting your most common IT setup across physical, virtual, x86 and AIX platforms.

  • Commercial model

    Pay for only two months for a full year of protection.

  • Cloud-ready 

    Use the cloud for your backup and disaster recovery needs without any change at the source setup.

  • Double up local SnapStore for urgent production storage needs

    Instantly restore data from SnapStore storage pool to run as production storage in emergency situations.

  • Data backup and compression for long-term data retention

    Our solution requires lower storage capacity for long-term data retention.



Make sure your business has a dependable disaster recovery center and backup solution in place. Trust Sify to keep your systems operating continuously and securely. Contact Sify today to find out more about GoInfinit Recover Service.

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Ensure business continuity with Sify’s disaster recovery as a service


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