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AWS - Direct Connect

Dedicated private network connection to reduce network costs, provide high bandwidth and reliability through AWS Direct Connect

AWS is a fast, reliable and secure option among cloud storage service providers. AWS Direct Connect is part of Sify’s suite of Global Cloud Connect services ideal for hybrid cloud hosting. These services provide private connectivity (bypassing the open, more variable and vulnerable Internet) for your important workloads like hybrid cloud computing solutions and transporting them in the cloud to all parts of the world.

AWS Direct Connect rides on Sify’s MPLS architecture, making it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises (Data Center, office or colocation environment) to AWS. This service in many cases can reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

Global Cloud Connect Services for AWS Asia Pacific Region

AWS Direct Connect Services are available for the Asia Pacific region at two facilities in Mumbai: GPX Mumbai and Sify Rabale, Mumbai: over Sify's next-generation DWDM optical network, which is present at both locations. Customers can utilize various network services to enable private connectivity to the  Asia Pacific region.

You have two choices when choosing Sify DirectConnect Services from AWS to connect your enterprise network or other Data Centers where IT infrastructure is co-located

  1. Hosted GCC-AWS-Direct Connect Services
  2. Dedicated AWS-Direct Connect Services

Hosted AWS Direct Connect Service includes a resilient, 10G Sify interconnect with AWS. Our provider edge (PE) routers are interconnected with AWS routers and you can subscribe to IP/MPLS VPN services from Sify. Hosted connections do not require that you order a cross-connect into the AWS router. The traffic is routed to AWS over our aggregation connections.

Dedicated AWS Direct Connect Service is a good choice for customers with bandwidth requirements higher than 500 Mbps or if you want to set up a direct connection with AWS without using a VPN service. AWS offers two varieties of direct connect ports: 1G and 10G. Your implementation requires an interface between your router and the AWS router, which is engineered by Sify.

Sify Global Cloud Connect

Sify Global Cloud Connect

Site access to AWS INDIA

GPX - MumbaiYes
Rabale - MumbaiYes

Sify connects directly to Microsoft over multiple 10G interconnects through diverse connections in Mumbai, enabling the seamless extension of AWS Direct Connect to Sify MPLS customers.

Site access to AWS GLOBAL

US – 5 CitiesYes

We leverage strategic partnerships with other providers to extend our global MPLS core to these AWS sites.

Amazing Features

  • DETERMINISTIC: Sify SLAs guarantee consistent network performance with maximum throughput & availability
  • RELIABLE: High reliability is based on the connection of Sify’s core network to Azure Data Centers over multiple 10G interconnects at diverse locations
  • SECURE: We assure absolute data security for your applications on the Cloud based on end-to-end private connectivity over our MPLS core
  • SIMPLIFIED PROVISIONING: Existing Sify MPLS customers can take advantage of AWS Direct Connect Cloud by easily extending your existing network to AWS Direct Connect Cloud
  • QUICK ADOPTION: New customers only need to sign up for Sify MPLS to start using Sify Global Cloud Connect

Sify GCC Features

  • Flexible data transfer and storage

    Flexible data transfer and storage

    Global Cloud Connect offers private high-throughput, secure access to the cloud facilities for periodic migration and replication of data to and from the Cloud into customer-managed storage solutions.

  • Hybrid architecture, improved response

    Hybrid architecture, improved response

    Global Cloud Connect’s high-bandwidth combined with low-latency improves I/O and API response time. It allows customers to use Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud as an extension of their data centers and integrate hybrid Cloud strategies into a wide range of applications.

  • Seamless VM movement

    Seamless VM movement

    Global Cloud Connect can move large VMs back and forth between on-premises production environments and cloud testing, development and production environments.

  • On-demand scale-up

    On-demand scale-up

    Global Cloud Connect offers a productivity apps environment (Sharepoint, Exchange) which supports high-bandwidth, low latency connections in order to serve users as volumes scale.

  • Business intelligence from Big data

    Business intelligence from Big data

    Global Cloud Connect’s high-bandwidth connectivity provides you with the ability to efficiently transfer large data volumes into and out of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  • Disaster recovery/business continuity

    Disaster recovery/business continuity

    Global Cloud Connect offers a provider ecosystem, giving you access to diverse providers to minimize your business risk. Access is completely transparent to the users.

  • Real-time data availability

    Real-time data availability

    Global Cloud Connect assures predictable high performance for real-time streaming of data to and from cloud service providers.

Unmatched Benefits

  • Cloud-like agility
  • Lower TCO
  • Private Cloud security
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Simplified management

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