Game-based Learning

Sify eLearning partners with you to create higher-end, innovative gamification trainging projects for the effective and engaging learning of specific real-world skills

Our higher-end interactive game solutions have proven to be a highly effective method for teaching challenging skills. Because game-based learning promotes learning, motivates action, and helps solve problems, it is successfully used for detail-oriented, high-pressure skills training. Such examples of challenging training include pilot, surgery, military, operation and entrepreneurial business training to name a few.

Sify designers begin by understanding your training needs and challenges, to create immersive simulations that put your learners in a virtual work environment where they can attain mastery by practice, adaptation, and real-time coaching. Furthermore, this is a rewarding experience which has learners recieve positive reinforcements throughout their learning journey.

Sify Game-based Learning Modules are

  • Tailored
    to your requirements and may include modules with assessment-based learning, concept-based learning, reinforcement-oriented learning, or a combination of different modules.

  • Platform agnosti
    so learning modules can be used on diverse online or offline, fixed or mobile devices

  • Single or multi-player
    designed to be used either by a single player or multiple players in group learning scenarios

  • High quality
    based on robust quality assurance and testing certification processes

  • Diverse game environments
    including the latest 2D and 3D technologies to create simulations, strategy games, timed games, multi-player games, and role playing games to help increase learning and retention

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High-end gamification training projects for engaging learning of specific real-world skills


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