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For highly critical data and transactions, Sify provides a secure, high-performance connectivity between your data center and public or private cloud within India or anywhere globally

When “best effort” over the Internet is not acceptable, you need a private, secure, reliable high-performance transport alternative. You need an organization that will stand behind the service level agreement (SLA) you sign. You need Sify Cloud Interconnect for services in India or Global CloudConnect for global reach.

These services let your organization easily access data and applications with deterministic performance and high security on private cloud nodes spread around India and the world. Regardless of your office location, services are highly reliable, robust and secure.    

Sify Cloud Interconnect and Global CloudConnect Service Features

  • India Cloud Nodes

    You get seamless connectivity to global cloud service providers over multiple 10G interconnects through diverse connections in Chennai and Mumbai.

  • Global Cloud Nodes

    Enjoy consistent cloud connectivity with multiple direct interconnects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in India.

  • International Reach

    Sify also has a partnership with Verizon that provides access to more than 30 cloud nodes of 10 cloud service providers spread across the world.

  • Improved User Experience

    Our deterministic network performance approach ensures the best user experience.

  • Scalable Bandwidth

    Provision additional bandwidth on demand as you grow or for seasonal spikes in traffic.

  • Flexible Pricing

    A flexible pay-per-use model is available for access to cloud nodes outside India.

  • 24 x 7 Support

    Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides proactive monitoring and management of the circuits.

On-demand, high performance. Reliability. Stringent security that meets many government and industry compliance guidelines. National and global reach. Flexible provisioning and pricing. It’s all available with Sify Cloud Interconnect and Sify Global CloudConnect services. Contact Sify today to find out more.


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