Consulting Services

Our Sify eLearning Team’s leading learning and development experts guide you to understand and design effective training your company needs. Aligned to your business outcomes and learning objectives, we further provide industry-proficient consultation on how best to deliver, manage, and track learning

With over a decade of experience in generating customized learning solutions for diverse industries, Sify eLearning is the choice for implementing industry-relevant training solutions that align with your organization's business and learning goals, to affect change and improve employee performance.

Our team of eLearning experts works closely with you to analyze your business structure and training needs and to produce optimal training modalities. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver the best eLearning solutions and structured learning models.

Sify eLearning Consulting Services

  • Digitization

    We digitize your existing courseware to more interactive and accessible platforms.

  • eLearning Solutions

    We find the right eLearning solutions for your unique business needs, such as self-paced training, web-based training, computer-based training, interactive 3D and virtual reality courseware, mobile-based training; instructor-led training; social learning and blended learning.

  • Learning Management Systems

    We guide your choice of the best Learning Management System fit for your organization with our expertise in providing end-to-end Learning Management System managed services, including installation, optimization and 24-hour technical support.

  • Competency Models

    As part of our consulting services, Sify analyzes your business functions, skills and knowledge requirements to create competency models. eLearning is then focused on building those specific competencies within your organization.

  • Analysis

    To help you select the most effective eLearning services for your company, we conduct:

    • Job Task Analysis - to identify tasks, work elements and required competencies in each role
    • Learner Analysis - to identify the existing skill level and knowledge of targeted learners
    • Task-to-Training Analysis - to identify learning objectives and map them to specific tasks to create a task-based curriculum

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