Our mobile learning solutions offer easily accessible content for field employees. Learning, solutions, and product showcase apps can be accessed and shared on mobile devices

With web-based apps employees can attend a class or a conference or recieve support directly on their mobile devices or computers. In the field, mobile workforces such as engineers, sales professionals, and customer support specialists benefit greatly from mobile apps.

Sify Mobile Learning Solutions address the needs of this mobile, geographically dispersed workforce, as the apps are specially designed for use anywhere, any time, and on all platforms and mobile devices, providing your employees with freedom and flexibility.

We can take your existing training, support, or demonstration content and adapt it to a mobile presentation format, to meet your industry-specific and business needs.

Sify Mobile Learning Solutions

  • Anywhere learner app

    Widely used by employees in retail environments to access training concepts, strategies, and suggestions while on the job.

  • Performance support app

    Provides product and service support to employees in the field, such as on-site engineers, sales executives and pharmaceutical representatives.

  • Mobile augmented reality app

    Immersive learning through the use of augmented reality technologies.

  • Just-in-time learning app

    These small training modules can be accessed by employees when needed (especially suited for troubleshooting and product demos).

  • Skill Assessment app

    Provides tools to track employee performance and assess skill levels based employee participation in training programs.

  • Product Showcase app

    Showcases products using the latest 3D technology to create interactive, in-depth presentations.

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