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The Sify Way

The Sify Way

This is our 7 fold path to think, plan and execute our ICT services .code-of-conduct{ height:300px; overflow:hidden; color:#fff;} .code-of-conduct img{ height:300px;} .font-montserrat{ color:#fff; margin-right:30px;} Put customers' needs first. Be accountable. Treat others with dignity. Be action oriented. Have the courage to confront issues. Always remember that you are a part of the Sify team. Protect
Our Vision

Our Mission

"We are building a world in which our converged ICT ecosystem and our 'bring it on' attitude will be the competitive advantage to our customers" Building Continuously evolving Converged ICT ecosystem Converged information and communication technology with network services, IT services, software services. Bring-it-on attitude An invisible spirit that resides in every employee of Sify
Why Sify

Why Sify for Business

Sify's ICT services helps streamline, simplify and cut business costs, by assuming many different roles in an outsourcing model that is unique in the industry Cloud computing.  Mobile apps.  elearning Data analytics.  The Internet of Things.  Machine-to-machine interface. These are some of the new technology solutions available to every business in the exciting era of

News about Sify

Financial NewsAll the important news that you want on Sify, is right here Sify Technologies and GMO GlobalSign to jointly offer SSL/ TLS Certificates in the SAARC regionDec 19, 2018 Advantage Communications Group and Sify Technologies Enter into New PartnershipNov 22, 2018 Sify powers 650 branches of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) as Network Integrator
About Sify

About Sify

If you have network connectivity in India, it is quite likely that you know Sify In 1998, we were the first Indian ISP. Millions experienced the Internet for the first time on the Sify network. We pioneered the Internet café and voice and data services for international call centers. Two decades later, businesses are our