Global Telecom Backbone

Sify Global Data Network

Network Infrastructure

  • IPVPN/Ethernet/DIA services across India
  • 2000+ POPs in 1200+ towns and cities
  • Optical fiber access in 13 cities
  • Carrier-grade wireless access virtually anywhere in India
  • Managed CPEs with service levels guaranteed by Sify
  • 100,000 active enterprise circuits
  • Converged network services with a single SLA
  • Access interconnects with all major telcos – dual/diverse access
  • Transport services into India over new-age cable systems
  • Cost-effective global backup services

Robust Voice Network

Sify manages 9.5% of India’s overall voice traffic with toll-quality voice origination and termination services

  • Voice services comply with ITU-T G 114 recommendations over an MPLS-enabled next-generation global network infrastructure, backed by industry-leading service quality guarantees
  • Our managed next-generation core network is based on a highly resilient architecture with redundancy at network, POP and interconnect levels that uses a carrier-grade routing fabric
  • As a pioneer in the convergence of circuit-based and IP-based networks, Sify is well equipped to provide unified support for fixed and mobile telephony
  • Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs) use advanced VoIP and SS7 technology with smooth, efficient digital signalling for voice switching
  • High-performance global network solutions are available for national and international long distance services

Network Capabilities

Sify is a licensed International Long Distance  carrier, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider and network consultancy based in India with an operating license in Singapore. Our more than 8500 business customers and other carriers count on our network coverage and services in India and around the globe. We  also provide cost-effective high quality terminations for aggregators, resellers or anyone originating voice traffic.

Sify offers options to interconnect and handover traffic at different points on TDM, IP, and next-generation interfaces. Direct interconnects with all the regional telecom companies provide businesses with cost-effective, efficient services with high VoIP service values such as answer-seizure ration (ASR) and average call duration (ACD),  backed by world-class 24×7 customer support.